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$1 Sauce Club

Our best offer.

First sauce completely free!

Each sauce after that, just $1

3oz of our Original JeeSauce. (Nearly half a tub!)

Normally $2.99 but we are casting out 66.6%. Get thee hence!

Experience the presence of JeeSauce always.

It’s designed to be something only the dip-ocrate would cancel. Taste and see that JeeSauce is SO good.

I shall taste and see

Dip-ciples freely receive

Go all in for JeeSauce. Subcribe to full size tubs and your 7th full size sauce is free…and your 14th and so on…



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Sauce Bless America!

Have a stubborn friend that just wont come to JeeSauce?

Send JeeSauce to them!

Dip-siples can buy one 3oz sauce for a friend, and we will send it to them with free “First Class” shipping. All you need to do is pick a flavor and put in thier address During checkout.


Watch strangers have their “come to JeeSauce” moment.


A Saviory Sauce Made with Almonds

  • Organic Ingredients

    We use many of the finest organic ingredients to make the most quality sauces possible.

  • Gluten Free

    Our products and our facilities contain no gluten whatsoever.

  • All Natural

    Every ingredient can be found in a normal hippie’s pantry.

  • KETO and PALEO

    Very low carb and zero sugars for those who don’t need or want those things

  • Shelf Stable

    JeeSauce can travel and be stored in room temperature up until the date on the container.