• Made with Avocado Oil

    We have graduated to using avocado oil over seed oils. Seed oils are highly processed, which loads them up with omega-6 fatty acids and puts you at risk for inflammation. Avocado oil is much less processed and overall a better choice.

  • Plant Based

    We use organic almonds to make the most quality plant based sauces possible. All of our ingredients are plant based and vegan.

  • Gluten Free

    Our products and our facilities contain no gluten whatsoever.

  • Dairy Free

    The whipped and creamy consistency comes from an emulsification of almonds and avocado oil, no dairy needed.

  • KETO and PALEO

    Very low carb and zero sugars for those who don’t need or want those things

  • Best Refrigerated, But Not Needed

    JeeSauce can be shipped or travel in room temperature safely for up to 2 weeks. Store in refrigeration when available.

  • Family Friendly

    With our array of wonderful and unique flavors, there is a favorite for everyone at any age.

  • 100% Guaranteed

    Full refund for any reason, anytime.

Watch strangers have their “come to JeeSauce” moment.


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Our Eternal Promise

You will experience fullness of joy with JeeSauce. If for any reason your experience is less than our promise to you, we will refund or replace your product. A simple click of the button below, and your request is processed in 24 hours.