About JeeSauce


Hey there! We are the Smith Bros. 

We have what we think is the “sauciest story ever told”. It’s a true story full of unbelievable twists and turns that is deserving of a #1 Best Seller someday. Juicy details to come, but first….we have concern for your salivation…..

…So much so, that even after altering the dipping industry forever by founding and building a company as successful as Bitchin’ Sauce, there is still more to do and more problems to solve. 

What problems you may ask? Well for one refrigeration. Our previous brand is stuck. It’s stuck in a box called a refrigerator. That means it needs to be stored shipped and sold in a chilled box. Expensive and limiting.

We have bigger ideas for such a great product that bring so much joy into the home. How about we make it better in every way and solve this perishable problem.

Enter JeeSauce.

Now it’s easier than ever to experience the flavor sensation that can only come from our dips. All you have to do is order and enjoy. Anybody, anywhere. We will ship straight to your door. Transformational healthy snacking has just leveled up.

But the original recipe came from humble roots.

It started with a recipe that was perfected over a very long period of time. As brothers growing up in Oregon, our family ate the healthiest foods. We had enough nutritional yeast (hippie dust) and braggs liquid aminos to send a burning man crowd into the hippie heavens. Though our tofu fed frames stayed small and our at home haircuts didn’t land us any dates, our tastebuds really developed well. We figured, as long as we were eating healthy, it might as well be tasty too, and the skill to bring forth such divine saucery was born.

We have been making sauces for decades now, and aren’t stopping anytime soon.

Coming from backgrounds in the Christian faith, we are of the opinion that treating others like you would want to be treated is the best way. We also don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love to have fun and joke around with folks as well as bring them seriously tasty, life changing foods. JeeSauce is a way that we can do all of that.

The best way to get to know us is to try our sauce. You will have an experience that will change you forever, in the best ways, or, at least you will never forget it!

Then, you should follow JeeSauce on social media to get to know why we do what we do. We love having fun with as many people as we can. Join us!


IF you want juicer details to what we call the “Sauciest story ever told” click here and hold on to your almonds!


Our Eternal Promise

You will experience fullness of joy with JeeSauce. If for any reason your experience is less than our promise to you, we will refund or replace your product and your request is processed in 24 hours.