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JeeSauce Gift Card

JeeSauce Gift Card

Digital Cards That Never Expire


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Send a friend (or an enemy) a gift of JeeSauce to brighten their day!

A JeeSauce gift card is perfect for someone who needs a special and unique gift that can never be replicated. 

Let your friend (or enemy) pick the flavors they want to try without you guessing what they like and don’t like, and accidentally sending a “Habanero” to someone who is a wimp when it comes to spice. (Maybe actually a nice strategy for your enemy)

We are called to “bless our enemies” along with our friends, and there is no better way than a JeeSauce Gift Card that never expires:)

Just enter in the recipients email during checkout. They will get the Gift Card. You will get the receipt.

*** If the Gift Card is a part of a larger order for yourself:), use your own email during checkout. You will get emailed the gift card and will need to forward the emailed gift card to the recipients email address.

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Our Eternal Promise

You will experience fullness of joy with JeeSauce. If for any reason your experience is less than our promise to you, we will refund or replace your product and your request is processed in 24 hours.