JeeSauce Bowls!

All right folks, here it is, the best way to enjoy JeeSauce. Take a gander at the video and see how we do it. Trust us. You will want to put this in your weekly meal plan and here’s why…

1. Super Simple

Whats easier than rice and beans right? Chop a few fresh veggies, add in some JeeSauce and meal done!

2. Super Healthy

The perfect and complete protein from rice and beans combine with the healthy fats from JeeSauce and any fresh veggies are just extra blessing to your body.

3. Super Tasty

You will have to try it to fully know, but the combination of these whole, natural foods rock our flavor world.

4. Super Friendly

Gluten Free, Dairy Free and delicious. Substitute in a rice or bean alternative for low carb diets.

Here’s the Recipe PDF

Here’s how we do it:



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Our Eternal Promise

You will experience fullness of joy with JeeSauce. If for any reason your experience is less than our promise to you, we will refund or replace your product and your request is processed in 24 hours.