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Ambassadors assemble! We extend out our professionals program to health coaches, dietitians, nutritionists and professional foodie influencers.

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Create an account first, then apply using our online form by clicking “Apply Now” or using the form below.

Who is the JeeSauce Ambassador program for?

We make very healthy and extremely tasty products suitable for many eating programs, dietary restrictions and new and exiting recipes. We value the professionals who spend their time and breath directing the hungry public to their needed solutions. Health professionals, nutritionists, professional recipe creators and dietitians are encouraged to apply.

What do I receive?

In exchange for the awesomeness you bring to your community we would like to offer you deep discounts on our products so you can do what you do best with product that tastes amazing and fits into your current mission. In addition, special deals offered for friends and family (when applicable) will be available to you.

Can anyone else use my account?

Your discount is for you and you alone unless we notify you of a friends and family promotion.

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