“The Sauciest Story Ever Told”

Hold on to your almonds!

It’s nuts.

Most sauce-lovin people have tried our first brand called Bitchin’ Sauce, also made with almonds.

We were the guys who built that brand from the ground up.

A long time ago, before almond sauces were popular, we started at farmers markets.

Then for a few years we delivered to the local “mom and pop” stores local to San Diego.

We celebrated when we landed larger accounts (like Whole Foods) and over the next couple more years spent weeks and months traveling away from our young families to open up new cities to the taste of something amazing!

Life was bitchin’… busy….. but bitchin’.

Well, that was until one of the 3 owners (our sibling) wanted a little more control.

After “questioning the validity of ownership percentage” didn’t work, they resorted to claiming “intellectual property” on the recipe, locked everyone out of headquarters that disagreed with them, and set off with ALL of the customer accounts and revenue streams that had been built up the previous 5 years.

It was a highly surprising and sudden power grab.

We didn’t think our own family could do something like that.

We set up a 3rd party mediation, but that request was denied.

Instead of perusing our property in the courts, which we found out is biblically wrong when involving family, we gave over whatever was not seized, and signed over our shares to our beloved sibling.

That was tough on us.

We started over with nothing.

Today, Bitchin’ Sauce has a different face, a different brand story and a different product than what it started with.

But nothing would stop the momentum of the Bitchin’ Brand.

It’s a massive company, publicly recording $50 million in revenue a year.

If someone would alter their company just for money, they would definitely alter their product too, family and customers aside…



We tell this story because the truth sets people free.

It also leads people to love, while exposing compromise.

(two ingredients you would like to know are in your sauce or not:)

If you could do it all over again, you would make everything better, right?

So we did:)

What we are making today is a 2.0 version of anything we have designed before, and we would know.

“How is it better?” you may ask…

1. We use avocado oil instead of cheap seed oil’s. Bitchin’ Sauce uses seed oils to this day and so do most other dips.

2. JeeSauce is bringing back the luscious thickness of what this almond sauce was meant to be from the beginning.

Bitchin’ Sauce’s consistency has become soupy and separated, before you even open it in some cases. We think its because they add as much water as possible.

Can’t prove it, just a hunch;)

And not what we originally designed it to be.

3. Shelf-life. Six months in the fridge is where we’re at today, but we are still testing and it could even be more! You can even take it with you outside of the fridge for weeks at a time.

So here’s to the new “best sauce ever!”

Here’s to happy customers who are given only the best!

And here’s to a victorious end to an epic story…

for everyone:)



Here is the original bitchin’ brand story (from the 2015 website www.bitchinsauce.com):

Some faces and names have been blurred and redacted.


Read today’s version of the Bitchin’ Sauce story here

Our Eternal Promise

You will experience fullness of joy with JeeSauce. If for any reason your experience is less than our promise to you, we will refund or replace your product and your request is processed in 24 hours.