The Sauce-Bowl of JeeSauce

The Sauce-Bowl of JeeSauce

Oh we preach the sauce-bowl of JeeSauce everyday.

This is the best way we know of to use JeeSauce and Jee… its good.


1. Hot rice or rice substitute in a bowl

2. Hot black beans or substitute covering rice

3. Smother ANY flavor of JeeSauce over that hot goodness

4. Fresh diced tomatoes piled high

5. Fresh avocado gently placed on tomatoes

6. Fresh cilantro sprinkled

7. Fresh or pickled Jalapeños 

8. Couple corn chips and maybe a little fried egg or some chicken or steak to really set this thing off

(Just look at the satisfaction on my brothers face)


Ok, now you know the secret of life. Its the Sauce-Bowl.

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