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Dip-Siples Freely Receive

Go all in for JeeSauce. Subcribe to full size tubs and your 7th full size sauce is free…and your 14th and so on…

Sauce-scribe me

Sauce Bless America!

Have a stubborn friend that just wont come to JeeSauce?

Send JeeSauce to them!

Sauce-scribers can buy one 8oz sauce for a friend, and we will send it to them with free “First Class” shipping. All you need to do is pick a flavor and put in thier address During checkout.

Must be subscribed to a Sauce-scription!


Our Eternal Promise

Your precious family time at the dinner/picnic table will drastically improve with JeeSauce Guaranteed or your money back. No life-sucking phone calls waiting on hold. A simple text or email and your refund or replacement is processed in 24hrs or less.